11 design stairs for small space

Good news! You don't have to sacrifice having a staircase in your tiny home. limited space small space stairs design

There are plenty of ways you can design one that doesn't take up too much space, and we've collected 11 of them below.

When it comes to stairs, the options are endless. But sometimes, it's the small spaces that cause the most headaches when deciding what type of staircase you want in your home. 

If you're looking for a more modern design but don't have much room to work with, check out these 11 designs that will help make your space more functional and stylish:

1. Helical Staircase

Metal spiral, helical staircase realistic vector

First, there's the helical staircase. Unlike a spiral staircase that winds around itself over and over, the helix is a continuous,

 non-looping spiral. The stairs are usually made of wood and have a gentle curve to them—they're not sharp at all. 

They're also typically used in small spaces because they take up less floor space than standard stairs would. 

The number of steps in each helix can vary from 2 to 8 steps; but since these are basically just like normal stairs except for their shape (and the fact that it's usually made of wood), you'll want to measure your space before purchasing one!

2. Curved Staircase

Vertical shot of a modern stairway in a beautiful white building

A curved staircase is a great way to add interest to a room. It can be used in both older and modern buildings, and it's especially popular in homes with high ceilings.

How do you know if you want a straight or curved staircase? If you have high ceilings, then it's probably best to go with something that will take up less of the space above your head.

 This will make your home feel more open and airy overall. A straight staircase is also more likely to fit into an existing layout (as long as the room has enough square footage).

3. Parallel Tread Staircase

Empty escalator and stair

The parallel tread staircase is a variation of the straight run staircase, but with treads that are parallel to each other. It gives the staircase a more open appearance.

The parallel tread staircase is a good choice for a small space because it allows you to have full use of your floor area without being crowded by lots of steps.

4. Double Helix Staircase

Rome, italy - circa september 2020: the famous spiral staircase with double helix. vatican museum, made by giuseppe momo in 1932

A double helix staircase is a fun design that can be used in any space.

For a small space, the staircase adds visual interest, as well as functionality. 

The shape of the steps creates an interesting pattern for guests to look at while walking up or down.

 The double helix design also allows for more space between each level than other staircases, 

which helps keep them from feeling cramped—especially if you want to incorporate seating into your living room area!

In larger spaces, this type of staircase can be especially useful because it adds visual interest and makes movement between floors easier than traditional staircases which may take attention away from the rest of your decorating efforts. 

You should consider having multiple railings (or even no railings) so people know where they're going while climbing up or down these stairs—but if you're worried about safety issues then maybe take another route instead!

5. Quarter Turn Staircase

Stairway to the old quarter of laredo. spain

A quarter turn staircase is a spiral staircase that turns 90 degrees after each flight.

 The first few steps are the same as any other spiral staircase, but at the top of the stairs, there will be a 90-degree turn instead of one straight line.

You can buy this type of stair kit online or hire a carpenter to construct it for you.

 If you don't have the knowledge or tools required to build this type of staircase yourself, hire a contractor who has experience with them if possible.

6. Spiral Staircase

Overhead shot of a modern house wooden spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are a very popular choice for small spaces. They can be installed in a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes them ideal for small spaces. 

Since spiral staircases take up less space than other types of stairs, they’re great for people who don’t have much room to spare.

7. Scissor Staircase

Beautiful shot of a modern house staircase

Scissor staircases are one of the most popular designs because of their unique look and feel. 

These staircases have a rectangular shape, but with two outer sides that are curved or angled to give them a more organic look.

 Unlike regular stairs that require space for their straight lines and sharp corners, scissor stairs will work in any tight space. 

They can be installed in both commercial buildings as well as residential homes.

They make great additions to your house because they are not only visually appealing but are also highly functional too. 

The reason why they’re called “scissors” is that they have two identical halves that move up and down separately from each other when walked on them by someone standing at either endpoint on each half – like how scissors open when you press down on one handle while closing it when pressing down its counterpart handle at the same time (see picture below).

8. Straight Run Staircase

Jumping straight over any obstacles. handsome young man in sport clothing

Straight run stairs are the most common type of stairway and the simplest to build. Straight run stairs consist of two straight flights, with a landing at each half-landing to create a change in direction.

Straight run stairs are made up of three different parts: stringers (or top and bottom rails), treads (the horizontal boards that make up each step), risers (the vertical pieces between treads).

9. Split Level Staircase

White stairs with vintage white railing bright and minimalistic interior

Split level stairs are a great solution for small spaces that have a large area to cover. The split stair design is ideal for creating separation between different levels of the home, allowing you to divide up your space in an intuitive way. Using this design will also create more privacy for each part of your home as well as provide more space for entertaining guests.

If you're interested in installing split level stairs in your home, it's important to choose one that fits with the rest of your décor. For example: if you have white walls throughout most of your downstairs area, then make sure you opt for white or light colored wood on the lower level; conversely if black walls are featured throughout most of the downstairs area then select dark colored wood instead (you get my point).

10. L-Shaped Staircase

Realistic 3d stairs background

This type of stair design is a variation of the straight run staircase. The main difference between the two is that an L-shaped staircase runs along one side of the room, with a landing at either end (like a T-shape). This is often used in small spaces where a straight staircase would be too long and leave little room for furniture or walkways.

This style does not have many variations, so it’s usually pretty easy to create this design from scratch. You will need to measure out your space, then determine how many steps you need to fit your space efficiently and safely.

11. U-Shaped Staircase

Beautiful view of the spiral staircase inside the building

This is a good choice for small spaces because it makes it easy to walk up and down the stairs, while still allowing plenty of room for furniture. It also provides some privacy at the top of the stairwell, which can be useful if you're renovating an apartment with multiple units.

This type of design is typically used in modern homes or renovated buildings, but it can also work well in traditional homes that want an updated look. The baseboards and moldings will help create a clean look when combined with wood floors or carpeting.


Horizontal Stairs

One way to create stairs in a small space is with horizontal steps. Rather than rising vertically, these steps will run along the wall leading from one level to another—allowing more room for movement when walking up/downstairs or even just sitting on them!

L-Shaped Stairs In A Corner Space Another option for building stairs that won't take up too much floor space is an L-shaped set of steps built into the corner of two walls (one vertical and one horizontal). This works especially well if you're working with an angled wall or corner area at different levels; it takes advantage of both surfaces without making use of too much additional square footage outside those designated areas themselves."


We hope you enjoyed our roundup of the 11 most popular stair designs for small spaces. We'll be back next month with more design ideas and tips on how to create beautiful homes in small spaces.

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