When it comes to buying exterior wall tiles for your home, you have thousands of tile designs on the web, but I will help you to find out the best top 15 exterior wall tile designs that you love.

I am Maulik Patel, writing head of spyrola.com, and I have worked in the tiles industry for the last ten years. I will give you complete details on how you can choose the perfect wall tiles for the outer side of your home. 

First, we understand exterior wall tiles with their uses, colour, size, and finishes. 

What are exterior wall tiles?

Tiles used on the outer side of the wall are called exterior wall tiles. The primary purpose of exterior wall tiles is to protect the wall from rain, wind, UV, and temperature fluctuations.

Exterior tiles have high weather resistance, durability, and strength. 

Most elevation tiles come in 300 * 450 mm (12 * 18 inch) in size.

For finish, you have two options: glossy and matt.

The central production hub of exterior wall tiles is Morbi City, located in Gujarat- India. 

There are more than 500+ tile manufacturers in Morbi of exterior wall tiles; It has a 10,000+ boxes per day capacity. 

Now, we will explore different trending 15 exterior tile designs for perfect outer space.


  • Orange Shade Exterior Wall Tiles Design


  • 3D Brick Shade Elevation Tiles for Home


  • Bedroom Exterior Wall Tiles Design


  • Beautiful Outdoor Surface Tile


  • Grey Color Building Exterior Tile


  • Metallic Shade Parking Exterior Tiles for Home