Mosaic tiles are a famous category of tiles for home improvement. Sometimes, you may look for different patterns for your wall and floor tiles. These tiles can give your home a luxurious surface with unique and beautiful designs.

Mosaic tiles are generally made up of small bricks together. These bricks are hexagonal or square in shape, and size is a couple of inches.

Mosaic tiles have a two-colour combination for alternate brick pieces; this looks amazing for your kitchen and living room wall and floor.

You can also choose mosaic tiles as your parking tiles. Since mosaic tiles have good strength and the best resistance to water and heat - they can be an alternate option for parking tiles.

Most common mosaic tile designs come in grey and black colours; these colours are standard for tile solutions.

Now, we will look at some great and decent mosaic tile designs for your surface.

  • Leaf Pattern Mosaic tile

  • Dark Green with a Circle Pattern

  • Light Dark Green With a Circle Pattern

  • Light Green with a Circle Pattern Mosaic Tile

  • Light Grey with a Circle Pattern Mosaic Tile