Elevation tiles are very much back in style and this is your cue to learn more about the latest elevation tiles designs and see if you add that glamor by adding these tiles to your home decor.


For those who are unversed about what elevation tiles are, here’s an intro.


Elevation tiles are those that can be applied onto the walls of your house, especially to its exteriors to provide extra protection and a bit more beauty to the walls. The tiles are made to be water resistant, keeping your walls away from harm's way. Furthermore, they are heat resistant and if you are living in tropical areas, they prevent your walls from heating up in the hot sun.


If you are living in a moist area, then the front elevation tiles are the best way to prevent the growth of fungi on your walls. Another benefit of these elevation tiles is that you don’t have to paint your walls every now and then.


There are a lot of elevation tiles designs out there and it's going to be pretty confusing for you to choose a design that best fits your house and your budget. So here’s a simple guide to help you choose the right elevation tiles design for your home:


1. Select the type of tiles you want


With elevation tiles gaining popularity now more than ever, you can find several options in the market. The first task would be to decide on the type of design you want. 


You can choose  front elevation tiles design for home from the wood type wall tiles, 3D tiles, marble wall tiles, brick-wall-like tiles designs, textured elevation tiles, mosaic tiles, and floral elevation tiles. etc. 


Since there are a lot of updates coming in, trends change in the blink of an eye. Thus, instead of opting for a design just because it's in style, go for one that truly suits your home and its overall aesthetics.


You might get overwhelmed seeing all the options. The trick is to identify the one that suits your space the best. 


2. Check the type of tiles your wall can accommodate or withstand


First and foremost, ask your design consultant if your walls are strong enough to carry the weight of the wall tiles.


Different tiles weigh differently. The wood ones are extremely lightweight when compared to the 3D chiseled wall tiles. All walls may not be built to hold the weight of such tiles. If it's a new design, you might have the liberty of tweaking it a bit at the design stage so that you can include whatever wall tiles you like. But if it's a renovation, your choices would be limited. 

3. Check the warranty and rating of each tile in your wishlist


Not all elevation tiles designs are made for all weather conditions. Some won’t even last a heavy snowfall, while others can go on in the same glory even when there’s thick and dense snowfall throughout the year. Weed out your wish list based on the rating of each tile and the weather conditions it is best suited for. You will be able to reduce the length of the list pretty quickly.


Some tile manufacturers also provide a warranty for the tiles. Remember the warranty applies only if the tiles are used in their prescribed format and in the said conditions. 


To sum it up


The above three criteria will help you find the right tile that fits your house like a dream. Not only will they add beauty to your space but they also protect the walls from a number of weather and climate changes that affect the place (like snow, intense heat, moisture, fungi attack, etc.). 


Before you make a random purchase by just seeing the beauty and grandeur of the tiles, think it through and reach out to a design consultant to know about its implications. Unlike kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles, this is something you need professional help to carry out. Once you get that, head over to our website, and make the selection that matches your taste and the strength of your walls. 


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