If you have been searching for the best tile design for home online and found this blog, friend, you are at the right place. We will help you find the right fit for your home, from the material to the latest trends. Everything you need to know about the various house tiles design and how you can find the right choice that’s well within your budget.


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Find the Best Tiles Design For Home


Let’s get going:

4 things to take care of while choosing the tiles design for your home


1) The existing style/the style you want

If you browse through the gazillion house tiles designs available online, you are going to be confused and end up randomly purchasing something that either doesn’t go with the entire aesthetic of the house or something that was not in your plans. Impulsive buying is a real thing when it comes to purchasing tiles as you are going to be elated when you see so many stunning designs. 


home tiles design
Find Tiles that Match with Your Home interior or Furntiture


To avoid this, first fix the styling theme of your house, write down some aesthetics of the tiles you have in mind and browse the web with keywords that match the styles. This way, you will be directed to the exact styling theme you have in mind and you get to make some thoughtful choices.

Now about fixing the theme of the house. It should match the furniture, the paint or deco you are planning to add, or any further changes you are going to bring to the space. The whole place will look like your Pinterest aesthetic only if you plan every minute detail that goes into the space, especially the tiles. 

For the right tiles for your house, you can also select morbi tiles with a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes.

2) The size and color of the tiles

You might be surprised to know that the tiles’ size also matters along with its aesthetics. We will tell you why. Small-sized tiles are difficult to fix, but they look really neat and are best suited for bathrooms and kitchens.

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Small Tiles Sizes are Best Choice for Bathroom


If you are looking for tiles that would best fit your room, then go for large-sized double charged tiles. These are not only easy to fix, but also make your room appear bigger and more spacious. On the other hand, if you were to adorn really small tiles, it would make the room feel smaller and may even give a claustrophobic appeal even when the room is big in reality. GVT tiles are also famous for living rooms and bedrooms.

tiles designs for home
Large Size Double Charged Tiles or GVT Tiles Are the Best Options For Living Room


As for the color, go for light-colored tiles in your room. Light-colored tiles are great for making your room look spacious and instantly brighten up the whole space. With that said, you can also invest in some dark-colored tiles, but do this only if your room is big enough. Else, dark-colored tiles would make your room look even smaller than it is.

3) The color of the grout

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Select Best Grout Color When Selecting Tiles for Your House

The color of the grout is as important as the color of your tiles. Nowadays, the contrasting grout and tile combo is pretty famous as it really gives life and character to your walls. So to make sure you get that combo right, purchase your grout and tile from one place. If it's online, then the online customer service representative will help you find the right grout that goes with the right tile coloring. You can also go for the same colored grout if you want to achieve a monochrome aesthetic, or go for a different shade in the same color scheme.

4) The finish of the tile

house tiles design
Select Best Tiles Finish Either Matt or Glossy According to Space

Decide if you want a matt, glossy, or semi-glossy finish to your tiles. Matt tiles are great for places with ample light coming in. No matter whatever the color of the tile is, the lighting can improve the visibility, and therefore, you can choose whatever colors of tiles you like.

But if the lighting is a bit low to a certain space, go for glossy finish tiles in light colors. This way, the tiles would reflect as much light as possible and assist in brightening up the space.

To sum it up

The best tile design for home is one that pleases you and fits the aesthetics of your house. The above pointers are just tips to assist you in bringing out the beauty of your house by selecting the right house tiles design. So now that you have an idea about what aesthetics to focus on, go on and find the right home tile design, and start building your dream space.