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Top 8 Different types of Tiles With Detailed Guide

If you are looking for different types of tiles in 2022-2023,here you are at the right place there are main 8 different types of tiles Wall Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, GVT Tiles,c, Parking Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Mosaic Tiles, Double Charged Vitrified Tiles, we will discuss in deep by different types of tiles

Elevation tiles design

There are a lot of elevation tiles designs out there and it's going to be pretty confusing for you to choose a design that best fits your house and your budget. So here’s a simple guide to help you choose the right elevation tiles design for your home

12 Floor tiles design for house that trends in 2023

Are you looking for the best floor tiles designs for your home? we have selected some best tiles designs for floors that perfectly fit your surface.

Tiles design for home - All about finding the right fit

Are you looking for tiles designs for home? We have listed some key factors about home tiles designs. Read this detailed guide and find the perfect house tiles design that is suitable for your surface. 

What are 3D Tiles? 3D Tiles in Kitchen and Bedroom.

3D Tiles are a great choice for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom. 3D tiles come in very elegant and beautiful 3d designs. This guide will help you to identify the best 3d tiles.

Find the best tiles designs for your home

If you're a creative person, then you probably love decorating your home. But if you're not the most creative person in the world, it can be intimidating to look at all those tiles and wonder what to do with them. I'm here to help! In this guide, we'll cover some of the best tile designs for every room in your home: wall tiles (living room), floor tiles (kitchen), bathroom tiles (bathroom), and kitchen tiles (kitchen).

How to buy tiles Online?

If you're like me, you probably consider tile buying to be an important part of your home improvement experience. I've bought lots of tiles over the years, and there are some things that I've learned along the way. Things like: Measure your space first and don't forget about extras! Follow these steps before you start shopping for your next project.

Wall Tiles Sizes From Morbi Tiles

There are many sizes of tiles from morbi tiles of wall tiles ,here we will discuss some main sizes generally used for wall tiles in morbi tiles for manufacturing.

Wall tiles sizes list 

1) 300 x 450 mm ( 12 x 18 inch )

2) 400 x 800 mm ( 16 x 32 inch )

3) 250 x 375 mm ( 10 x 15 inch )

4) 300 x 600 mm ( 12 x 24 inch )

5) 300 x 300 mm ( 12 x 12 inch )

6) 200 x 600 mm ( 08 x 24 inch )

Best Top 10 Gvt Tiles Manufacturers From Morbi

Best Top 10 Gvt Tiles Manufacturers From Morbi,

1.Varmora Gvt Tiles Manufacturers

2.Simpolo Gvt Tiles Mnufacturers

3. Morbi Gvt Tiles Manufacturers

4. Classico Gvt Tiles Manufacturers

5. Qutone Gvt Tiles Manufacturers

6. Kajaria Gvt Tiles Manufacturers

7. Jaquar Gvt Tiles Manufacturers

8. Somany Gvt Tiles Manufacturers

9. Swastik Gvt Tiles Manufacturers

10. Orient Gvt Tiles Manufacturers


Glazed Vitrified Tiles (gvt) From Morbi

Glazed Vitrified Tiles (gvt) From Morbi,You can choose between matt or polished finish for your GVT tiles.There are various designs that you can choose from when buying GVT tiles From Morbi